Strawberry Tart

Stuffed Strawberries

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Extra Helpings: Strawberries

At this time of year, strawberries are little weapons of seduction.Let me explain.All year long we eat strawberries... strawberries that look good, but just taste okay. But we go ahead and buy them anyway, because they remind us of something bright and warm and wonderful, something hard to pinpoint, but something we desperately want to feel again....more

Recipe Monday - Easy Kid Snack Rolls

Another month, another set of special days.This month I did a theme. Tortilla rolls with healthy kids stuffs in them. They're so simple that I put the recipe on the pictures. Do you like that?...more

Recipe Monday - Creative Fruit Snacks

Fruit on a stick. Fruit popsicles. An amazing and easy snack for kids!...more

Let Them Eat Veggies!


Breakfast Crepes

Read more at and gee said ...more

Plated + Served: On The Second Day of Christmas...

 If my true love gave me Two Turtle Doves, I don’t know if I’d be able to prepare it… Mama’s not particularly fond of recipes featuring little birds (pigeons, quails, etc.)....more

Plated + Served: Fragrant Fruit Salad

This festive Fragrant Fruit Salad just looks like the holidays, don’t you agree? And, even better, it’s healthy!It’s not just the luscious mangos and papayas or the juicy citrus fruit that makes this so perfect for the season. The unique jamaica flower vinaigrette brightens the flavors while adding a dramatic bit of color… and the candied pecans give it just the right amount of crunch....more

Peach Sweet Sipping Vinegar

You know me: taking a pull off the brine from anything pickled is my kind of hit. But there's something to be said for intentionally mixing a nice vinegar into some seltzer with a dash or two of bitters that seems to elevate me from the pickle crack house to the vinegar garden party. Luckily, another recipe is making the rounds that is perfect for my late summer brine fix: the fruit shrub....more