SpringTime is Garden Time

The transition time between the frigid, wet winter (yes, it gets cold and wet in Southern California too!) and the heat of the summer is, by far, my favorite time of the year. Growing up on the East Coast, spring came in spits and spats with the crocus bulbs blooming through patches of snow and the first robin spotted on the front lawn that looked like it had not seen the sun for months. But once the snow was completely gone and people braved the outdoors wearing only a t-shirt (even though it was still cool outside) you knew that spring had finally arrived in all its glory....more

Super Easy Fruit Smoothie

I'm not even kidding! In fact you'll probably laugh at me because it's so easy! Strawberry Banana Smoothie 5 medium to large strawberrys 1 Ripe banana 6 ice cubes ...more

"Cancer Cure" ?{anona, graviola,chirimoya,fruta do conde}

> The anona the fruit Cherimoya tree, fruit of the count or soursop is a miraculous product ...more

Empty the Fridge Soup and Frozen Fruit Smash

This is the last post in the series What’s in the Box? Tips for Dealing with Your Weekly Produce Box. I’m sad that it has come to an end. It’s been such fun sharing my organic improvisations with you while also reading your fantastic tips for how you get through your boxes of fruit and veg....more

yes,we have no bananas

My friend asked if I was going to throw it in the compost. Nope, I said, I'm going to have it for breakfast tomorrow. It should be just about ripe enough…...more

Yes we have no bananas todaaayyyyyy.

I'm going to have that stuck in my head. ...more

Make Infused Sugars for a Little Spice to Everyday Life

Sweeten up your culinary style by creating your own infused sugars. Sprinkle them on fresh baked cookies and pies or use them in place of plain sugar in coffees and teas! ...more

I particularly love the idea of rosemary sugar. I am already imagining it in lemonade and ...more

Oh Banana's

Do you like banana's?  I am not fond of the things but occasionally I can choke one down, like this morning.  Fruit in general, I really have a hard time getting into my diet.  It is a daily struggle on that front.  I ...more

i am not a fan of fruits either but i try to make it to salads or find recipes where i can ...more

Spring's Bounty: Fresh & Simple Sides

Spring’s Bounty: Fresh & Simple Sides I know it’s not officially spring until March 20, but in sunny SoCal, we sure got a taste of it today!...more