Fruits and Veggies from the trash

I have a few things growing here in and out of out vegetable garden to eat. They all are in fact, things growing that were actually throw away scraps. My friend Marci told me that you can plant the bulbs of scallions (green onions). You just cut the green parts off for cooking and plant the white bulbs. The green part can be cut over and over for cooking. I planted a bunch that I bought to make nachos with. This works. In fact the scallions growing in my garden right now are a year old. The newest item growing in the garden is celery. Celery can be grown from the kitchen scraps....more

Farmer’s Markets: How to Save Money Next Time You Go

Given all the emphasis on healthy eating and sustainable agriculture, farmers' markets are a great way for the everyday consumer to develop a deeper connection to their food and food providers. In large cities, farmers' markets not only sell fresh fruit, vegetables, and eggs, they also include food stands filled with homemade snacks, desserts, and cosmetic products. ...more

We love to go to the farmer's market, thanks for the tips!

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