How to Look 10 Years Younger: Rethink Your Jewelry

Jewelry isn't just adornment. When you look at a woman's jewelry, you're seeing who she is. And it's not just her socio-economic status. A woman's jewelry is where her age and hipness intersect. While jewelry can't literally make you look younger, it can certainly make you look very less than hip.This is not the look to emulate....more

if only because they are less likely to be grabbed by a grabby baby, which is how i make most of ...more

Every Mom Needs A Little Vanity

One of my mom friends won't leave her house without lipstick on, even if all she is doing is hauling two snotty kids to the pediatrician. Another gets up at 5AM so she can take a shower and shave her legs before taking her four kids to school and dentist appointments and playdates. I myself refuse, no matter how late it is or how awful I feel, to go to the store in my pajamas. ...more