Call to Moms: Make an Effort with Your Appearance

I love everything about being a mom except the lack of time I have for myself! There have been countless books, stories, blogs, etc. in regards to this topic, but I want to share all the little details that most of us mommies don't discuss. Like the other day, I went shopping for some quick groceries for dinner and didn't take enough time to look in the mirror. Had I done so, I would have realized that I had finger paint in my hair and on my face....more
too true!...I need a tune up myself, this is good advice, there's always a little more pep in ...more

Love and Menopause as a Frumpy Fifty-four Year-old

These days my memories of the past are rich cuisine to my soul; they both feed me and torment me. I was once a slender 125 pounds, fitting into my shapely size 7 tight jeans. I was a real looker! This year, 2011, at 54 years of age, I am a frumpy, just-past middle-age, out-of-work administrative assistant, and tipping the scale at 230 hefty pounds. Absolutely nothing looks good on me these days. My clothing manufacturer might as well be Omar the Tent Maker....more

The Frumpification of America

Jen @ ...more

I hate FRUMPY!

I've just had surgery. I am trying to give myself a break, and take it easy. So I've been in my pajamas more than not the last week. But I really am tired of feeling frumpy, already. I have tried so hard to put 'frump' behind me. I hate frumpy!! ...more