Be Sure Your [Husband's] Sin Will Find You

Well, it happened.  I knew it would.  There's no running from the law. The problem is that it happened to me when it should have been him.And it was on the main street where everyone could see - because that's the kind of luck I roll....more

Should I Fight with My 3-Year-Old to Teach Her to Read?

My oldest is 5 and I taught her how to read using How to Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons. It did not take 100 lessons, it took maybe 72. However, those 72 lessons spread out over the course of about 4 months were the most painful moments for me as a parent. ...more
I don’t think you need to pressure the girl to learn as this will cause her to resent learning. ...more

Can You Hear Me Now?

It is the bane of every mother's existence-- the question repeated a million times a day:  Did you hear me?  Sometimes it sounds more like "what did I just say to you?!" or "do I need to repeat myself?!"  No matter how you ask this question, it all boils down to the same idea-- IS ANYONE LISTENING TO ME IN THIS GODFORSAKEN PLACE!!!!! If you have to ask, the answer is probably NO. ...more

just STOP!!!!

Dear #3,I love you. I really do. I love you with all my heart. I love your crazy curly hair, I love your huge belly laugh, I love ridiculous facial expressions, I love your big hugs. I don’t however, love it when you scream. I don’t love it when you throw things. I don’t love it when you bang your head. In short, I love you, I don’t love your speech delay. In fact, I kind of hate it.xoxo,Mommy Orange Rhino*...more

Sleeping with the Enemy

How do I say this?I had a sober moment of realization at 4:40 this morning, when I awoke suddenly to deafening silence. Two of my children were sleeping soundly in their rooms, and the third? Well, the third was banished to Grammy's for the night because she just can't hang.For the past fourteen months, I've operated under the mistaken assumption that none of my children were sleeping through the night, causing sighs of disbelief all over the land. "I know. I know. It's true, " I would qualify. And they would shake their heads....more


Ever looked at your coworkers and thought "What in the heck is wrong with you? Were you dropped on your head as a child?" That pretty much sums up my thoughts about a particular coworker, named Denise....more

Words Fall Through Me.

 "Words fall through me, and always fool me."  My mind is numb,The words just will not form coherently. It's a colorful chaos. The thoughts, they jolt, and buck, and grasp for attention,Each one clamoring over the other to be heard....more
 @HomeRearedChef Thank You, Virginia!more

Frustrations of Eating Gluten Free

So I have an intolerance to gluten.  I would say that this is a blessing and a curse.  For me, eating gluten free isn’t bad at all.  Before I develop my intolerance for this protein found in most grains, I loved breads and almost anything baked, which is why I wasn’t in as good as shape as I am now.  I remember back in high school I used to buy a whole box of Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake rolls,which were 6 per box, and eat the whole thing in one day.  One day!  Yes, everyone ha...more
Oh, I liked this post of yours.  It gave a nice picture of YOU.  I think my asthma and food ...more

What To Do When You’re Ready To Give Up

You’re working hard at moving forward in your life; but you still feel like you're not making any headway.  You’re at that spot where you’re frustrated; not sure what to do next, and just ready to give up....more

My Orange Rhino Rolodex

Dear Day 45,You kind of sucked. Big time. But you know that already, you were right there beside me watching (laughing?) as the kids took turns kicking my a*s and I fought back tears of frustration. Oh I hope the next few days are better or at least that they give me new ideas on how to handle tough, crappy days.Off to recharge,The Orange Rhino*...more