Anyone else ready for Spring?

Here's a wishful thinking appetizer tray you can bring with you to the Big Game this weekend!  Also great for all kinds of occasions.   You might also want to take along some Hummus: Here's a healthy recipe. ...more

Corn Dog Muffins

I can't remember where I saw them, but it had to have been on Pinterest. From whence else would they come? Or something like that. At any rate, just seeing a photo was memorable. I couldn't resist making the Corn Dog Muffins that were calling me out to the kitchen to bake. ...more
@HomeRearedChef  @elaineR.N. Twinkies are going on eBay for $60/box of 10 the last I saw. Better ...more

Sticky Blueberry Pudding!

Oh, I'm SO glad that it's winter coat season!!...more

Birthday Cake in a Jar

I'm really excited about this recipe because the possibilities are endless!  These little individual jars would be cute decorated and given as birthday gifts or when someone has been sick.  They would be great for Christmas homemade gifts, school parties (when homemade goodies are allowed) and even fundraisers. ...more

Yes it sure would! And, I forgot to mention, but think how cute red, white and blue would be? ...more


Voila! I have coined a new culinary term - Pastrizza! I googled to check if it was taken and well, I did not find the word.. So it's all mine! Yay! ...more