Quick Cash Idea for Living on the Road

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The Urge to Splurge for 2011

For me, 2011 is turning out to be a much better financially than 2010, when I was laid off for part of the year. For most of my peers, that is case as well. But what life is fun without the room for occasional splurges? (Although you could say that I have already splurged enough.) In fact, it appears that 2011 might become the Year of the Splurge after most Americans spent the 2008, 2009, and 2010 on a limited budgets and shopping bans.  ...more

I think the economy has forced many families to take a closer look at their finances. With the ...more

How to run a successful and profitable garage sale

There are so many interesting things you want to buy and fascinating things that you should do, and all of this costs money. Where are you going to get that play money when you are supposed to be saving for retirement? When you are supposed to be acquiring a rainy day fund? Check out www.stylefool.com for the whole post - and start making money with that junk you have lying around! ...more