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The Last of Citizen Cain, I Hope

Today, Herman Cain suspended his campaign……. I heard that by suspending his campaign he is still entitled to raise and accept funds for his campaign… Unreal. Right now my confidence is low, not in the "government" but about the structure that allows this man to utilize this stage to showcase his agenda. Where is the green party when you need them? (Government waste)I hope the media stops giving this guy air time and everyone directs their funds to social justice issues like sexual abuse...more

Bare Breasted Fund Raising: A First

This week I attended the most unusual professional networking event imaginable.  Really....more

Haunting for a Cure: How Ernie Romegialli Organized a Haunted House That Has Raised Over $650k for Diabetes Research

by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore 18 years ago, Ernie and Carol Romegialli got some news that changed their lives. ...more

Strokes are not ageists

When my cousin Kathy was going through her divorce she was healthy, but under a tremendous amount of stress. Her doctor is still not sure if it was just the stress that caused it, but at 38 years old she had a stroke. According to the American Stroke Association: ...more

Apple Berry Creme Lipstick for Charity

Did you know that Mary Kay Apple Berry is the third most popular Mary Kay Creme Lipstick shade and according to global makeup artists, the most suitable shade of our entire product line for all skin tones? ...more

Wanted: Creative Fund-Raising Ideas

I'm hoping to tap into this massive resource of creative minds!  We need to do some fund-raising and I want it to be fun and innovative and inspiring. ...more

Cupcakes for a Cause

Cupcakes for a Cause~ ...more

It's time once again for school fundraising Hell!

My fifth grader brought home the annual, first-day-of-school PTA fundraising packet. I knew it was coming. He was surprisingly jazzed about it. He gushed, “Mom, if I sell 200 items, I win an iPod Touch! Can I? Please?” In repsonse, I emitted a blood-curdling scream, and then my head exploded all over the kitchen. ...more

thank you for your comment! You may be interested to know that, two years later, our middle ...more