The Sky Is Not Falling

And I am, frankly, getting pretty tired of Chicken Little. I have what I am calling "donor fatigue," and I worry that it has much bigger implications than we might think. ...more

I Went On A Kiss Chronicles Journey

I love personal journeys and people brave enough to share them.  And, in KISS CHRONICLES, author Virginia M. Sanders doesn’t hold back.  Frequently humorous and occasionally raw, her emotions are always real....more
I will be looking for Virginia's book now. Thank you, Linda, for putting it out there.   :)more

Bring Justin Bieber to Your School (and Help Build Schools 4 All)

Want to make the year of a kid you love? Bringing Justin Bieber for a personal visit to her school would probably do it. Pencils of Promise (PoP), a nonprofit that builds schools in the developing world, is working with two-time Grammy nominee Justin Bieber on our campaign ending on June 30 -- and the superstar is offering to personally visit the school named by the top Pencils of Promise supporter. ...more
ok ihave a freind mary she has 18 pop tiger books and around 45 posters hanging all around her ...more

An act of love for Kenya

Nick is amazing. Blah blah blah, you guys have heard it all, but I seriously cannot stress to you how wonderful he is. The amount of compassion in his heart is astounding; it multiplies when he goes to Kenya. Nick has visited Kenya for the past two summers as part of Baylor's Medical Missions team. I would love to tell you more about it, but he's the knowledgeable one so it would be easier to let him tell you himself. ...more

Make your donations count: smart charitable giving

To get the most good out of your donations to non-profits, you need to know how much of your donation will go to the program you want to support vs. how much will go to overhead, such as administration and fund raising.  Check out Charity Navigator.  This is a FREE website that has information about thousands of charities and can tell you how much each one spends on their programs vs. overhead. You don't want to be paying someone's outrageous salary with money that you had intended to support a cause you believe in. ...more