The First Bah Humbug

I cannot be the only one...who hates to sound like a Scrooge, but sometimes when a thought gets in this old head of mine I have to go with it, no matter how curmudgeonly it is, such as my displeasure with Sonny Boy's school holiday boutique. I am sure you are wondering how could something as genial, warm, and inviting as a kid friendly holiday shopping event be annoying, we'll let me explain. ...more

I Support Mental Illness, How About You

I have a goal to pre-sell 75 Mental Illness Awareness t-shirts on Teespring in 19 days....more

Online Fundraising for Medical Bills

I have a friend that is very sick and her family is trying to pay her medical bills, pay for her care and maintain their regular bills.  At first I tried to help by purchasing some medical supplies for her.  I realized that, although they appreciated what I was doing, it was barely making a dent in what they needed.  The supplies are very expensive and the insurance isn't covering everything.  My friend's father quit working to care for her so they don't have much income coming in....more

The Little Bookshop that CAN!

Okay, everyone, so it’s officially time for me to ask for your help.I work in a small independent bookshop, The Learned Owl,  in Northeast Ohio....more

Craft Fair To Do LIst- One Week Before the Event

By Rachel Craft Fair To Do List ...more

Harvest Fundraiser in Brooklyn NYC

 Come out and eat some great food and help someone else eat as well.  $20 for a three course brunch and the proceeds go to the Food Bank of NYC.  Hosted at Veronica Peoples’ Club (104 Franklyn Street, Brooklyn NY 11222) this Sunday, November 6 starting at 12 noon and ending when the food runs out.  For more information go to:...more

Raspberry Lime Pranayama Cupcakes on Frosting for the Cause

Frosting for the Cause is a year-long project to raise money and awareness for cancers that affect women. Every day of 2011 a different blogger posts a recipe for a cookie or cupcake along with a story about how cancer has impacted their life.The stories are sometimes sad, sometimes happy but always inspirational. And the recipes, as diverse and amazing as they are, always come accompanied by a photo tutorial demonstrating the decoration process. You laugh, you cry, you learn and you drool....more

National Food Blogger Bake Sale Fights Child Hunger

Saturday, May 14, food bloggers around the country will set out tables of delicious treats to raise money for Share Our Strength, a nonprofit that works to make sure all children in the United States have enough to eat. The bakers will be participating in the second annual National Food Blogger Bake Sale. ...more

The UDG, there definitely were some non-food bloggers participating -- I definitely think you ...more

3rd Annual Festival of Bliss

Join us this Friday and Saturday night to discover happiness, learn about buddhism, see and hear live entertainment and do some holiday shopping for eclectic and unique gifts....more