Beautiful, helpful Karen May

Karen with her familySIX years ago I met Karen May Moreno Villanueva in Cagayan de Oro and she really made an impression on me.An exotic beauty with black hair, shiny brown complexion and a killer smile. That was only one meeting but we have been in touch the past years through the Internet of course....more

Richmond Doulas Auction for Therese

During my pregnancy with my son, Alistair (wow, was that really over a year ago now?!) I had some ongoing prodromal labor for the last month or so. It was incredibly frustrating to go to just about 43 weeks of pregnancy and every night having such intense contractions I was certain I was in labor. One such night...READ MORE......more

Happy Earth Day! Six Ways to Honor the Day and Fundraise Along the Way

Photo by epSos .deIt's Earth Day so we've found 6 ways to honor the day and even some to raise funds along t...more

Opening Day!

Photo by Peter MillerWhen your community is gathered for an all day event such as Opening Day for Little...more

Give! Before it Hurts!

You’ve heard the old adage - Give ‘til it hurts. You don’t have enough pain in your life? You want to create more? I’m going to help you out – give beforeit hurts. That’s right, before you or someone you love fall victim to an illness or situation, let’s stop it in its tracks!...more

Partnerships Equals Profits

Photo by Tax CreditsPartnering with othe...more

Experience and Freshness - the Recipe for Partnership Success

photo by Tim PearceThe combin...more

What's on the Agenda?

Does this ever happen at your meetings? most fundraising meetings happen face to face, we are sure they are sometimes just as unproductive as this conference call.Many of us are just humble volunteers who want to help in our communities and are either:A) pressed for time, stretched beyond our limits, but still have a need and desire to help;...more