When Your Mother Dies

When your mother dies, you will take care of things. You'll call her friends on the phone and tell them one by one that their friend has died. You will listen as they nod and wait for them to tell you stories about her but they won't. They'll keep what they remember until later. Now is not the time, they think....more

The Funeral

I try to go about my day, and do mundane things.  I clean the bathroom. I wash dishes.I work out.But inside, I’m waiting for the next wave. The emotion to hit me. It always creates the best narrative.I know what I want to write, where I need to go – but without the wave…  It sounds wooden and unimaginative.Of course when it hits – I seem to get every emotion…all at once – anger, sadness, frustration, love, desire….  The trick is filtering through and choosing the right one to write with.To tell the story with....more

'Til Death Do Us Part. Or Maybe Not.

Given the opportunity for time travel, I’d set the destination on the DeLorean for New Brockton, Alabama, 1917. I would spy on my paternal grandparents’ courtship. He was 23 when they married. The US had just entered WWI. I don’t know why he wasn’t fighting in Europe. I think she was kind of an old maid. She was 21....more

When Your Father Dies

When your father dies, you will be at a loss for words. If it's a surprise, you will burst into tears. You will cover your face with your hands and cry like you were six-years old, like the time you got lost on the way home from school and all the houses looked different and you couldn't find your way....more

We Live We Love

We live, we love, we forgive and never give upCuz the days we are given are gifts from aboveAnd today we remember to live and to love                                     ~From We Live by SuperChick...more

Joe and Bear

The man in the blue windbreaker looked perplexed. Squinting in the bright light, he waved away a swirl of clouds, searching for a familiar face. He took off his glasses and wiped the lenses clean, then replaced them, blinking.  All at once he broke into a grin.“Hey stranger!” he called to the tall guy with the houndstooth hat.“Winningest coach, eh?” smiled the elder man. “Good to see you, buddy.”Blue Windbreaker caught up and fell into step. “After I saw what happened when you retired, well … ” he faltered....more

I Have No Need For A Funeral

Some people are motivated by thinking of what their funeral will be like someday. Perhaps they get a rush wondering how many people will show up, the great things they may say, or how much they’ll be missed.  I know people who use funerals to motivate their performance on any given day. The chances are you know at least one person who has already, regardless of how young they are, planned their funeral to the last detail. In some cases this is a loving gesture as the grieving spouse would not have to do this daunting task....more

Dead Gorgeous

I don’t think a lot about my own death, although, I have to say that as I age, the concept does become a little more real.  I somewhat reluctantly went back to my hometown recently to attend a funeral and this visit afforded me the opportunity to see many of my relatives I hadn’t seen in years.  One of my most, let’s just say, “interesting” encounters, was with an Aunt (actually, she’s my cousin, but we always called her aunt because she’s my mom’s age) who was always kind of the ‘rebel’ of the family.  Rebel, or some would probably say, ‘kook’.  And I love her!  ...more
@victorias_view Oh, I love the shoe idea -- didn't think of that! Yeah, you never know who you ...more

This Moment is Ours :: We are Thankful

Our small community was rocked Monday by the tragic accident that took the life of a 55 year old woman....more

Oh Just Screw You Glee

Dear Glee:  I go back and forth with you. I love you, I hate you, but I watch you. Every week I watch. Perhaps it’s that I myself was a bit of a choir geek in high school so I can relate to feeling like an outsider and to the stress of regionals.  Of course we never got to belt out any Cee Lo, but Come Sail Away was a big hit thank you very much. Choir was a way of life for me as it is for the Gleeks. Thankfully no one tossed Slushee’s in our faces but still…prom queen I was not....more

I was not going to write anything because I wrote Glee off in the middle of the season, because ...more