I Was An Unexpected Pallbearer.

He stepped out into the bright sunlight and paused to let his eyes transition from the hospital's harsh florescent lights. He was very aware of the typical hustle all around.Cars. Noise. Errands. Lists. Jobs. Responsibilities. Life. Kids to pick up from school. Phone calls and texts to answer. Groceries needed for dinner. Gas to put in the car. Bills to pay. Stores to open.He was surprised to see that everything was still moving. Almost shocked to see that everyone was still carrying on with their days....more

Counting with the wild woman

So this is day four into my home attempt at using a gel polish on my nails from home.The polish was Revlon’s Dealer’s choice, and I only picked the color after seeing all the oceanic summer colors that are out there.I wanted to see how long I’d be using just the polish, with no extra bells and whistles....more

Please accept my regrets

Have you ever wondered why people say that you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead? Maybe it’s because they can’t talk back and actually set the record straight. Whatever the reason, funerals are normally filled with glowing tributes to the one who has passed on....more

A Funeral Code of Conduct

dawnponders.blogspot.comA new post at http://dawnponders.blogspot.ca/2012/10/a-funeral-code-of-conduct.html...more

Brushes With Fame

On some level, we're all obsessed. It's OK, you can admit it. I can admit it. I saw Denis Leary walking out of a Burger King near my house.I saw Imelda Marcos on the Great Wall of China.I saw Dudley Moore leaving a tube station in London.I stood in front of the most glorious lamb chop sideburns in all the land at an Avett Brothers show.My kids' dentist is a roadie for the Avett Brothers.I see Christopher Walken everywhere. Or maybe it's just my reflection....more

Funeral on February First

I met my husband's Uncle Jean Perry in the summer of 1979. Now, nearly 33 years later, we laid Jean to rest just a few miles from where I met him....more

Will Your Life be Celebrated as One Well-Lived?

Memorial services and funerals have always been for the living -- a way for family and friends of the recently passed to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate the life of their loved one.I attended a memorial service today for the husband of a friend. We’re not close friends – but she’s a woman I like and admire, who had been very supportive when I started running, and I wanted to show my support in her time of loss....more

The Lost Binder

Jack lost his binder for Catholic Ed last week.  I was annoyed.  The kid loses everything not glued to his person.  All those prayers.  All those colored pictures of Jesus.  Gone gone gone.  I was now going to have to slink into church this week and beg for forgiveness and a new book for my forgetful middle child. ...more

A codicil

Okay, so if you've been hanging around this joint for the last few years, you've probably read about my final wishes once I've shuffled off this mortal coil.And I'm not even joking you....more

"A long, happy life"

My Grandma Josephine died yesterday.A few hours before she passed away, I sat with the kids at the dining room table and talked to them about how sick she had grown and how her death was likely. I told them we would make the five-hour drive to Pennsylvania after dinner to hold her hand and tell her "Good-bye."...more