12 Brilliant Ways To Create More Time To Crochet!

1. Sleep in your clothes. You've probably heard about laying your clothes out the night before to save time the next morning. But I say heck - why not cut the time out altogether? Go to bed dressed for tomorrow. That way you don't have to dress when you get up in the morning, thereby saving you even more time. Note: T-shirts, jeans and knit items work the best....more

Why this girl's plans ain't fixed...

I wonder how many people, on a daily basis, utter the words, “we need a plan”. I bet it’s bloody loads. I bet that someone says it every minute. Maybe even every 30 seconds. In fact, as I type this, I reckon millions around the world are in the throes of writing out a to-do list. Or, maybe they’re colour coding their calendar, and double and triple checking its sync’d up to a briefcase chock full of personal devices designed to help them to feel organised.How utterly exhausting.Everybody just loves a “plan”....more

My Best Day Ever... a story with a surprise ending.

The following story is true and is intended for mature audiences only.   This blog contains:  unspoken language, mild peril, sexual innuendos, processed food, and swashbuckling action - not necessarily in that order.  Do not attempt to try any of this at home without the oversight of a professional.  This blog was manufactured in a facility that uses tree nuts and soy.  Oh, and multiple mice were harmed during the making of this production.  That's all.  Sit back and enjoy....more
Any port in a storm. So now you've risen from genius to saint. I'd have been back on the road ...more

My Secret Cougar Love Affair

I have a boyfriend, and he is so hot. He is my kids’ swim teacher. His skin is deeply tanned from triathlon training under the hot, tropical sun, and he has Chinese lettering tattooed on his lower back symbolizing his love for me; I lightly graze my fingers over them in the morning when I press myself against him from behind as he prepares my coffee....more

A Haiku that Really Happened - NaBloPoMo

The haiku you are about to read is true. No names have been changed to protect anyone. Just be advised that parenting tweens and teens is not for the faint of heart. It's playing a contact sport without helmet, pads or a ref to call foul or throw flags on questionable plays. Think you’re a cool mom?I am. I did. But maybe…She doesn’t think so. I know I’m weird, mom.Why do you think that? I ask.I like different things. Different’s good....more
CarrieStuckmann Like a HARD ouch.more

Holy Cow, Batman

The cow. Got out.Repeat after me: Green Acres is NOT the place to be. Farm living is NOT the life for me.My husband, the cowboy, was out of town. WAY out of town, buying a registered quarter horse, because… you know… we didn’t have one yet.I was hosting “Friday Night Hangout”, where a bunch of high school kids would come over to the house on Friday Nights to – you guessed it – hang out.And since the cow (affectionately known as “Patty”) was a relatively new phenomenon at our place, the kiddos wanted to go out and see her....more
Is it inappropriate to post your posts on my Google+ thing?more

Sleep Like a Baby

I’d forgotten.Sunday afternoon reminded me.  I needed a nap.  It really wasn’t even optional, as I was nodding off in a vertical position. So I rocked Charlotte, the 2-year-old, and scratched her tummy until she dozed off, then I curled up on the couch with the fuzzy purple blanket, hoping to catch an hour before she woke.  ...more
kathybrowndavis Kathy, I'm so flattered!  Thank you!  I blog at www.stephanie2morrow.com, but I ...more

you might as well do it in Cancun!

"I'm pregnant! I'm so pregnant! OMG! how did this happen after that one time without condoms?" yup that was me at the beginning of 2014. We planned it but not that soon, we were just warming up for the real thing. I quickly became best friends with my toilet, we would hang out a lot, all day. This is my third baby and it hit me very hard. With my first son I didn't get sick at all, I was just very hungry, with my second son I was pretty sick but there was still room to enjoy food, but this time I was going on the puking train and it seemed like there was no exit door....more

My Baby is Kind of a Jerk!

You have the most amazing baby in the world.  You are SO in love with this bundle of joy.  Those eyelashes nestled fan-like, ever so delicately upon his face as he sleeps....those little hands...that thigh chub...utter perfection!  We know your gratitude knows no limits for this magnificent baby of yours.   But let's face it:BABIES ARE UNPROFESSIONAL!...more