The Aggressive Deployment of Kale

Let’s talk about kale.  Actually, first let’s talk about Brussel sprouts. I used to hate Brussel sprouts. I only ate them when I was feeling sorry for myself. You know—those days when you are just wallowing in self-pity and self-loathing and you aren’t even a good enough person to eat broccoli, let alone chocolate, so you can only eat Brussel sprouts which you despise. Everyone has those days, right? ...more

Men Vs Women: Thanksgiving Planning Edition

The Holidays are such a busy time a year, aren't they folks? Ahh, yes. A chorus of ladies yelling out "Yes! Oh my gosh I am going to lose my freaking mind! There's too much to do!" as they march off to the grocery/department/black friday store with detailed, meticulous lists in hand, soft leather handbags slung over their shoulders, sensible flats covering tired Mama feet, a messy ponytail swinging behind them.Where are the guys? I didn't hear any of them call out. Hello? (Adele voice), "Can you hear me?"Nothing....more

Marvelous Machine

Twenty years ago, we put together a nutrition/exercise program, sponsored by the Dairy Council. Called The Marvelous Machine, it was pretty zany (as is typical of our shows), yet grounded in solid science. It included the fanciful “Dance of the Food Pyramid,” a cautionary tale of poor eater Matilda facing the rigors of gym class, and a skit featuring a couch potato watching his favorite TV programs (Steve’s Julia Child impersonation was a riot)....more

How Do You Get to Philadelphia? Practice!

When people ask Steve and me how we ended up in Philadelphia, Steve’s stock reply is: “We ran out of gas here.” Which sounds, on reflection, like we just settled for Philly, when the reality is a bit different. We may not have explicitly chosen the City of Brotherly Love, but it chose us....more

Of Sesame Street and Peyton Place

Can I tell you how to get to Sesame Street? Oh, you bet I can. I am more familiar with Oscar, Elmo and Big Bird’s turf than my own town. Mr. Rogers? But of course. The sweater and sneaks, the soft, soothing voice, the Neighborhood of Make Believe…all staples of my kids’ childhood. My brood was, thank heavens, mostly reared in the pre-Barney the Totally Obnoxious Dinosaur era. But I certainly watched more than my fair share of children’s television, some shows of much better quality than others....more

On Your Mark, Get Set

In November 2006, I decided to take a major writing challenge. November is National Novel Writing Month, and at that point I thought writing a novel in 30 days would be a snap. After all, I wasn’t sleeping more than a few hours a night, and my brain was basically revved up all the time anyway. So I began on November 1st, having planned absolutely nothing in the way of plot, setting or characters. This was to be a total stream-of-consciousness activity (as was my whole life back then. Who needs thoughtful reflection? Just slows you down!)...more

If You’re Any of These Things for Halloween I Will Judge You

 Thinking of being any of the following for Halloween this year?  Well you might want to rethink that if you don’t want me giving you the malocchio from the grouchy confines of my apartment (no one invited me anywhere this year and I’m taking it out on you). Ken Bone Just don’t....more

Parenting Fantasy Vs. Reality

Everyone knows that the best parents out there are those who have no children.  I was an amazing mom before I had kids.  I was going to do this, that, and the other thing, but nothing makes you abandon that shit faster then when you are up all night with a sick baby or come home from work exhausted...more

Tales of a Teen's Mom

Tales of a Teen’s Mom…...more