Top 10 Signs You're a Drama Queen Silence is criticism. 2. Your partner suggesting you may have seasonal depression is tantamount to accusing you of schizophrenia.  3. One social screw up motivates you to end casual friendships.  4. Your heart starts racing and you start to sweat when your kid tells you another child is messing with her at school. 5. You cry in a restaurant for any reason other than someone dying.  ...more

A Feast for the Eyes

 I'm a wreck.Hair's on end, clothes on backwards, holes in pants (not the cool kind)….that's when I'm going out.I don't know what's happened to me. Old age? Bad hips? Don't give a shit? All of the above?...more

Rocks, Please

 I don't know what I ever did to Tracy Anderson to make her hate me. Okay, I do refer to her as that bitch Tracy Anderson, but she can't hear me. Can she? Here I've spent good money on her exercise DVD's, have done them faithfully (well, faithfully enough), and believed her promises. I still look nothing like Gwyneth Paltrow....more

Nailing It: A Mom And Her EPIC Pinterest Inspired Project

You can come check out the post on my blog as well!Recently some of my blogging friends and my family thought it would be fun to see a 30 something mother of four tackle re-creating some epic Pinterest inspired projects.Thus began The Jen Nails It Pinterest Challenge....more

No One More Faithful

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 Hubby and I are ugly Americans. We repeatedly travel to foreign destinations not knowing a word of their language. No matter how many times we are almost kidnapped, can't find band-aids or pay 3x as much as needed, we continue.We are, as I type, in Italy. We've been here about 24 hours. ...more

A Dog's Life

Take a Left at the Nipple Clamps

If you’ve ever shopped at an Adult Bookstore - and you know you have - you might’ve noticed there’s a real shortage of books.  I didn’t see any.  I wasn’t necessarily seeking out reading material, though.  Good thing. because I was only there to get a good gander at the film titles for my novel.  I swear....more
thehachmom  Oh, the opportunities we miss. So glad you read and commented. Thank you!more

The Killing Kind

 If a wife turns up's almost always the husband that did it. And, vice versa. If you've ever watched more than two episodes of Law & Order, or stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, you know that. My character, Claire Corrigan, ponders this dilemma:  How does love go awry? What would drive a spouse to kill their soul mate?...more