The law of attraction - in evidence

Today was a good day. Yesterday, not-so-much.Today I picked myself up and decided to share positivity around.Like attracts like, I remember reading.Today, I woke up with the mind-set that I was going to make this a good day (as much as I possibly could) after not coping very well with yesterday.Some days are just shit aren’t they. You wake up tired. Feel more emotional than usual.Why?You know something really small  will tip you over the edge. You try and have a word with yourself, but you are too exhausted. Yesterday was one of those....more

Better Than An Obituary

I pulled a bag of blueberries from the freezer to make some muffins. Due to favorable growing conditions and some savvy harvesting, from time to time I can relive a bit of the past season, until next summer's crop. The cooler air and barren trees are bitter reminders that people, too, come and go like seasons in our lives. My mother and I planted a relationship seed of our own one spring that did not survive another season. As crazy as she made me, I’d give all the blueberry crops in the world, to share a muffin with my mother.***...more

When reviewing goes awry!

I have learned that nothing good comes from either a) watching mainstream TV vs Netflix at 2 am or B) answering emails at 2 am. (infommercials at 2 am are a good marketing ploy.)I am a morning person but 2 am does not count as "morning" in any sense of the word. At 2 am, the rational, reasonable side of me is still sleeping despite the fact that I might be up and moving around....more

Undiscussed--10 Things That Happen Post Birth

Once you have children, your world changes. At least mine did. And, when I speak to women, I find that no matter our color or background, we tend to share similar experiences. I engaged in a little girl talk on Mommy's Open Diary facebook page (...LIKE US) and discovered the Top 10 Things that Happen After Having Children....more

Moms get Real on Mondays: Gross and funny baby stories

The first edition of my "Moms Get Real on Mondays"... how fun!...more

MM - Aviary funny joke

 Hey bird. See the rest of the pictures at - Aviary funny joke~Traci...more

Mama wants a chicken coop

My poor husband has to wake up each morning to the next best and brilliant idea that I've come up with.  Today I was in the bedroom and the thought struck me...mama want's a chicken coop!"Hey,Davin!- I yell from the other room. "Do you think we have enough room for a chicken?"  ...more

What Hippie hates the rain?

I informed my husband yesterday that I had just made a "no poo" shampoo concoction and I was about to go take a "Hippie Shower".  He looked at me with his Seattle Bred eyes, and said, "honey, Hippie's don't take showers!"  Bahahah!   My husband is hilarious and I'm a huge nerd!  ...more

7 Forgotten Ways It Sucks to Be a Teenager

Two things happened recently that made me question my near-frequent outbursts of nostalgic longing for my youth: 1) I accidentally caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror (which made me cringe) and 2) a pimply-faced "young adult" who's more than half my age gave me attitude. (Which also made me cringe; honestly, why?)...more
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