Home on the Range

This lady inspires me...I came across this article today when I was researching some information on lupus.  The author, Stephanie Kennedy, was having a very bad weekend.  She takes chemo on Sundays, so she knows she is confined to the house with her face super glued to the toilet seat.  In her house, Sundays are known as ‘Barfdays’.  So instead of hiding under the blankets, she decided to write on her blog.  But she hit a mental roadblock, and as she put it, “Spoonies, as a whole, are frustrated more than the average person, but the inability to express myself just ...more

I've Got a Hot Date on Friday!

I'm married to an outlaw.  A law-breaker.  A man willing to flaunt his stuff for the entire law enforcement community to see as he zips by in his bright yellow Saturn coupe.He's forgotten to renew his driver's license and it is now been expired for nearly three months.D'oh!...more

I appreciate the comment -- I just hope it doesn't take us all day to get the ...more

My Mom Is On Facebook!

HOLLA!! What a fantastic success for only our second week of the Friday Funny. I laughed with old friends, made some new ones, & can tell by the response that this concept is going to catch on, & turn that mind-numbingly dull FF in to a wildly enjoyable journey aboard the Crazy Train! So a big shout out to all of those crazy beeyotch’s who came along for the ride, & for spreading the buzz....more

Texas Is the Zipper on Satan's Parachute Pants: 10 Hilarious Blog Posts to Honor National Humor Month

Did you know that April was National Humor Month? Neither did I, but it is true. National Humor month was founded in 1976 by author and humorist Larry Wilde. ...more