Parenting Standards… Lowered. | Anna Lane on MomCave LIVE

Dear Parents I Used to Nanny For,Twenty years, twenty pounds, and a marriage and two kids ago, I was your nanny. And I judged you. My parenting standards were based on unrealistic expectations. I knew nothing of the shit storm that is parenting. While I made bewildered mental notes about the state of your home, the behavior of your children, and your fashion choices, you were keeping actual human beings alive. I apologize. ...more

Funny Web Series for Moms | New SLUMMY MUMMY! | “Firemen”

At long last, it's a new episode of our award-winning funny web series for moms, SLUMMY MUMMY. What happens when Jen's baby finally sleeps through the night?Funny Web Series for Moms |SLUMMY MUMMY Epsiode 6 | Firemen...more

Time For A Laugh

It's Saturday, the start of the weekend. I just thought I'd mention that, in case you hadn't noticed - it's all part of the service. After all of the news horrors of the past week or so, I think we all deserve a little light relief, so I'm going to share some video clips with you that I hope will bring a smile to your face and brighten your weekend....more

Science of Parenthood| Jessica Ziegler on MomCave LIVE

Who says parenthood fries your brain? On a new episode of MomCave LIVE, we talk about the Science of Parenthood with Jessica Ziegler. Jessica (along with her blog partner Norine Dworkin-McDaniel) is the mama behind the illustrated parenting blog, inspired by the madness of raising kids, which even science can’t understand.We discuss some of science’s sillier theorems. Like…...more

The Things We Do for Our Kids

    Recently a young comic I am friends with named Miguel Dalmau wrote on Facebook that he had to turn down a major career opportunity because he had a young son. He felt it wasn’t worth losing the time spent with his child even if said child would even remember it. I applauded him for making such a strong choice. I did the same many years ago when my son was four....more

I used to dress like a hooker, then I had kids!

Women are funny creatures. It doesn't matter if we have icicles hanging from our nipples; if the outfit highlights a few good parts, we're wearing it... Even if it makes us look like a ten cent hooker.<<AND THEN WE HAVE CHILDREN>>...more

Are You Kitten Me?!

Today I AM going to vent!  When my daughter was young she used to say “are you kitten me?”, so I thought it appropriate to bring it over into today’s discussion and also show you some cute little heels!...more

The Witch Doctor's Cure for Sinus Ailments

 The question is... can a sinus infection  be cured with cayenne pepper? (I read this on the interwebs ......more

It's True: There Are Two Kinds of People in the World

 I’ve never liked the phrase, “There are two kinds of people in the world,” but when it comes to sports, I suspect it’s true.  There are jocks and non-jocks, and I’m definitely one of the latter.So when a couple of women on my husband’s rec league softball team canceled at the last minute and he asked me to fill in, I was not enthused.  As a kid I was always the “last pick,” and the idea of getting out on that field filled me with painful memories.  To make things even worse - I had no softball costume to wear....more