Firsthand Effects of Secondhand Smoke

Years ago, I took a trip back down memory lane and spent the night at a friend's house.She was a smoker —a HEAVY smoker!**Click image to read full story**...more

Grandma's Two Dimensional Boyfriend

My mother is a trip.Sometimes she wears a wig; not because she has cancer or thinning hair, but because she is lazy and doesn't feel like combing it. **Click image to read full article**...more

There Is A Unicorn Living In My Daughter's Pillowcase

Don't worry... It's a really short; super cute story, but you gotta click the image if you want to read it. **Click image to read story** ...more

When Life Gives You Lemons

When we moved back to Atlanta, it was with our heads held low and a pocketful of dreams. We had lost everything; including our dignity, and it was time to pack it up, call it a day, and start over.**Click image to read full story**...more

Mother's Day Advance - Didn't See THIS Coming!

My daughter left a secret note for me in her pillow case this morning. Here's what it said: ...more

My Husband Has A Boyfriend

Every night my husband "disappears." Sometimes it's only for thirty minutes; other times it's more like three hours. It usually happens when he goes to walk the dog.**Click image to read full article**...more

I Decorated Easter Eggs With My Little Sweetheart And THIS Is What Happened!

Four more days until that fluffy man-bunny makes his way to our door. He will come bearing candies, trinkets and colored eggs. **Click image to read full article**...more

Thinking About Starting A Family? Remember THIS!

When I lived alone, my biggest concern was stepping on a piece of glass from an empty beer bottle that missed the trash can after a late night booze fest with friends....more

Young Love: How Young Is TOO Young?

A few weeks ago, while driving home from school, my daughter decided to profess her undying love for a boy in her class, (as well as another boy who has since moved out of state). "Mommy," she smiled with her eyes all a flutter, "I'm in LOVE with Ethan and Hugo!" Click image to read the rest of the story......more
Pecked2DeathByChckns  haha  it happens WAY too soon! both of her "loves" are daredevil bad-boys ...more

The Big Dipper

There was a dance yesterday at school, and along with it came a wave of excitement (in my child) that I've ever seen. *Click logo to view full story*...more