This Is Why You Should Never Yank A Lollipop Out Of A Kid's Mouth When They Have A Wiggly Tooth!

I think the title says it all... (Don't be afraid to follow the link):

Ten Things Every Parent Needs To Know

#6 should be of particular interest to my mother!


Looks like I've got a good 20 years before all the "whining" stops–and by then, she'll have her own! ...more

Priorities: My How They've Changed!

There was a time, when I didn't have all of these distractions. It was just me and a mangy black cat, living on the edge of nowhere and sleeping as late as we liked. But that was a long time ago; six years, to be exact....more

Pudge: A 17-lb. Heavyweight

Sadie was one-and-a-half when we adopted her from a local pet rescue. At the time, she weighed the exact same as our well-fed cat; a solid twelve pounds....more

The day I almost lost... THE Finger.

It was just another day in the life of me trying to get shit done before picking my then 2-year-old up from preschool. As usual, I was multitasking and doing my best to get five more things done before heading out the door....more

The Gym: A Place Where People Go To Sweat And Be Jerky!

I've always been very disciplined and self-motivated when it came to working out....more

I hate birthdays, but my kid likes cake... Sometimes you gotta take one for the team!

Things are so much different when you're a kid....more

Psycho Kitty

I got one of those collars with a bell on it for my cat recently because sometimes she disappears in a room for days without even so much as a whimper. So now all we hear is that constant *jingle, jingle, jingle* every time she trickles past, accompanied by the most horrifying meow you could ever imagine. ...more

Is it bad that I only dream of sleeping?

I used to dream about being a famous writer; sitting on a chair swapping stories with Ellen while pretending to drink coffee out of one of her famous white mugs....more