Thinking About Taking a Wife Strike--Not a Hall Pass!--but a Wife Strike?

Taking a Wife Strike is about taking back--one by one until you have reached a whole--slices of pie that you gave away. I'll come back later to this in more detail. For now, give me about 5 minutes of your time, sit back, and endulge in what a Wife Strike can do for you. Put on your reading glasses, grab a glass of wine, sit in your corner couch, and here we go:     Wet Jeans: Scenario of a Wife on Strike Drastic Measure...more
@Audrey Humaciu Yes you're right, your son would not get it if you took a Mom Strike, lol! I ...more

Are You Cut Out For The Professional Kitchen?

Do you long for a career in the food service industry? Do you spend hours watching The Food Network dreaming that some day you, too, will grace the stage of Kitchen Stadium, standing toe-to-toe with Bobby Flay? Take this handy quiz and find out if you're living the dream or just dreaming: are you cut out for the professional kitchen?...more
@Food Gypsy I love the toothpaste tip!more