Today I realized I was a controlling a not good way

 You know you may be too controlling when you are listening to a “How to be a better father” podcast and trying to figure out how to apply it towards your parenting as a momma.As I was listening to the daily Podcast from Focus on the Family instead of thinking,  “Oh I should let my husband listen to this” I was thinking,”Oh good tip, how can I implement that in my parenting.”...more

Funny Marriage Conversations... We Can't Help But Laugh

  This summer, my husband and I will have been together for 10 years. It’s been a wild ride of traveling, having kids, dealing with my depression and anxiety, and each of us losing a parent. He is more than my best friend, he is the only person I have ever trusted enough to completely be myself, and he has accepted me as I am, even the darkest, ugliest parts of me. His goodness, his sweetness, and his integrity inspire me to be a better person. ...more
lizytishThanks.  Good to know we're not the only ones.more

Daddies Know Best, Too

Sometimes mama doesn't know best. Sometimes I am completely off the mark. Where Mr. Pants is concerned this happens on occasion (OK it happens a lot). Luckily for us, we have Daddy Pants. I have written before that Daddy understands Mr. Pants on a level that no one else can get too. See, I'm an indoor kid and sometimes do not understand their silly reindeer games....more
@MistySommers  Yep! The things I did as a kid....Ooh I should have broken some limbs :)more

The Man Who Was On Fire

No. This is not a tribute to Peeta from The Hunger Games. Nor is it about a man who did exceptionally well at something. This is a story about my ex-husband who caught himself on fire.I am going to try and struggle through this without being mean. I will stick to the facts and not embarrass my children any more than necessary. The fact that it happened and the story won’t die more than sixteen years later is embarrassing enough for them.  It is just one of those stories that must be told because IT EXPLAINS A LOT....more

Five Year Wedding Anniversary: Our Highlight Reel

I celebrated my five year wedding anniversary this weekend.  Five years.  Wow.  During our celebratory night out – an awesome fancy dinner and snazzy hotel stay – the hubby and I decided to play a game of Highlight Reel.  We talked about what things from the past five years would be on our highlight reel.  Here’s some of the top moments we came up with. Our wedding.  Besides the sappy stuff, we couldn’t stop laughing at when I ran off and quickly puked before cutting the cake because my spanx were too tight.  I ended up going commando for th...more
Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more years of love and happiness!more

Seven Days of Falafel

Everyone knows we've been trying to have another baby and if you read my blog you know that so far we have not been successful. And if you've ever been on the unsuccessful baby making train you know it can get a little crazy tracking when you ovulate (toot, toot) and when you do the deed (woo, woo). It can be a little tiring and sort of takes the fun out everything. We already have our train tickets purchased for next week. All stop baby town!Last month I saw a show on Lifetime about, well, let's just call it the Seven Days of Falafel....more
Laughing - There was a day when I loved a good falafel.  You might have a good point there.more

The Things My Husband Just Doesn't Understand

It all started with my bra. Now my bras are not particularly large. They are not made of satin, or silk, or lace. They do however contain underwire to restrict my post-baby breasts to the chest area, and up away from my tummy, as they should be. But as I went through the back breaking process of removing my bra’s from the washer and hanging them on the rack to dry the other day, it dawned on me. This is something that my husband just doesn’t get. ...more

A Ceremony Worth Celebrating

I’ve wanted to write about my son’s upcoming nuptials for weeks and guess what happened?  The wedding was last weekend.This is what happens when one is busy experiencing the event.I really wouldn’t want to have it any other way.  ...more