Mom, Nobody Does It Better

Grace Hwang Lynch Absolutely, Grace. She is as delightful as ever!more

OMG! OMG! I just had the best corn dog of my life. I can't wait to post a picture of it on Facebook! ~ Everyone on Facebook

Unless you're a food critic for the New York Times, I really don't give a shit what you had for lunch, and I especially don't need a picture of it to prove how good it might have been. And guess what? I already know what you look like; we've been friends since high school, so please stop posting those ridicules selfies every three hours to show everyone how great your camera filter works....more

This is Dedicated to the Mom I Love...

Having wonderful parents is a gift, a blessing.  It's not always a common one either.  The older I get, the more I learn of people who didn't have a similar experience growing up.  Spring is almost here, just two days away.  This time of year is always a strong reminder of my Mom.  Her would-be birthday is this week, March 21st, so every year her birthday was on or near the first day of Spring.  It's been nearly 17 years since my Mom left for Heaven and it seems like yesterday and a million years ago, all at the same time.  ...more

An Office For Moms- The "MOFFICE"

One of the things that I shared in "How To Be A Better Blogger" was that I often blogged in my powder room. Now that I am a WAHM (fancy talk for "Work At Home Mom"), I need more space. I'm coming out of the powder room! ...more

Funny Ending to AWKWARD and a Lesson For Us All

I decided to contact the mom from my kid's school who sent me the AWKWARD AS HECK NAKED PHOTO OF HERSELF to my phone.I am soooooo glad I did and so glad I didn't have to tell her I am not into girls, that way.I think we can all take away a BIG lesson from what happened to her, (and don't forget me, as I was handed this AWESOME situation to write about.)I just copied the text conversation I had with the mom who sent me naked pictures of her boobies this week....more

Awkward! What Do I Do Now?

What do I do?What do I do when I look on my phone and see I have a message.I open the message.It reads, "It took me forever to get the courage up to send this."There is a picture attached.I open the picture and its a picture of boobies!...more