Patience is a Virtue...?

After a rain-soaked “mini vacation” last week I was actually ready to head home and get back to normal.  My golden plans of relaxing at the beach while my parents entertained Junior at their house were washed away in the downpours that plagued us for 3 straight days.  Instead, we all banded together to figure out ways to entertain an almost-2 year old in persistently horrible weather.  We made the best of it and even managed to spend a few hours at the beach on our next-to-last day.  On Sunday I packed up the car and the two of us headed back to (dry) reality; and that’s...more

Well, I Never!

You know, we are all amazing parents before we actually have kids. I mean, I knew everything. Everything. I was gonna do my kids a solid by making sure they were raised perfectly. I had answers for everything. I had some hard lines that I was sure I wouldn't cross. But now it seems that if there is anything I have learned about being a parent is that those lines are sometimes ridiculous and so easy to cross once you are in the trenches. Here are some of my favorite examples of how I flaked on my own pre-conception notions of how I would parent. And you can add yours in the comments....more

Who Says I've Got it Made in the Shade?

(photo from images)...more

I'm not outdoor friendly...

The Underachiever's Guide to Saying No To Camping   For years, friends of mine have been begging me to go camping.    The answer is no.   No.  No.  Hell no. ...more

Only Six Months 'til Christmas!

Christmas is exactly six months away. With my outdoor thermometer expected to top 100 degrees in a few days, I can't think of a better way to cool down than by sharing my holiday prep to-do list.In the spirit of all things yuletide-y, here are a few things you can start on now......more

Kids Are Gross

Kids are so gross. The grossest. And I'm not even just talking about the part where they poop and pee in their pants. Because, yeah, that's totally gross but meh. It's at least contained and expected. I'm talking about the insane amount of other disgusting things they do. Like finding a stale piece of bread under the couch  and eating it (savoring it even) or scratching at their butts and then immediately touching their baby sibling (Please don't get pink eye!)....more

Stop Telling Your Kid She’s Special All the Time– You May Screw Her Up Permanently

My mother calls us the “good job” generation; named after the almost fluid barrage of “good job” our generation of parents freely bestows on our children for even the most mundane task. “You washed your hands? Good job!” “You flushed the toilet? Good job!” “You didn’t kill the cat with a hammer? Good job!”...more

The Umbilical Cord Dilemma

There's no end to the number of items being hawked in the hallways of the maternity ward, but none forces you into a moral and ethical dilemma like umbilical cord banking....more

Hazel and her bird!!

Thursday Thoughts:...more