The Little Mermaid: What Really Happened...

Now that I am approaching 40 – gasp – I am realizing that something has happened to me in my advanced years. I don’t see things the way I used to – and no, I am not thinking it is a problem with my vision (although that’s not so great either).No, the problem of which I speak has to do with perception.I was watching  The Little Mermaid with my kids. I had seen it in college and loved it. My elder self? Not so much. Here’s why.College Me Watching The Little Mermaid A story about true love – that is SO sweet! ...more

Playtime Adventure - A Short Story

"We'll see ya'll in the park at four........ ok......bye," I hung up, after fixing a play date with my neighbours Judy and Lisa.  As always, I had snack size Goldfish bags ready. One of them would bring ice Popsicles and the other maybe some fruit, cheese or candy.  Everyone brings their own water bottles. That pretty much summed up the peripherals of my kids' playtime.  A fixed venue, once every week, at a certain appointed time, an arranged snack,..........more

When "OUT" turns into "IN".

Today's prompt is "what is something you recently jumped into"? Holy hellfire....I am actually jumping out of something. (For my regular readers this will bore the crap out of you....sorry:)I jumped into running full on...3 years ago. It was flat life changing. I loved it. All of it. I loved my running group. I loved the camaraderie. I loved the way it made me feel. I loved the sound of all of the running feet on the pavement and the dirt. I loved the running coaches. Running was something I could do, sans children, without my husband...on my own!...more

How Life Prepared Me to Be "Mom"

For the last couple of months, there have been rumblings that my family may have to move (again) this summer due to Hubby's job.  Although we have not yet heard anything definitive on the subject, I decided a few weeks ago to start shining up my resume....more

How Jessica Simpson Became my Hero

Well, now. That’s not a sentence you hear every day. Even Jessica herself might be a little surprised to read that one.Or, perhaps even more alarming, she might not.Anyhoo, the other day on the trusty cardio machine I was reading my trusty trash magazines and I saw a picture of Jessica during her baby shower. [Um, how much did she rake in for letting People Magazine cover that one?] And as I saw her I thought to myself “WOW. She’s gained some WEIGHT.”...more

To Sleep, Perchance to Eat

I've written about this before. How H#3 suffers some of the stereotypical treatment of beyond-second-borns. But I've now learned, and here documented, that it's not about how we treat him differently than either of the other two. It's just how he's wired. The kid has been waking up between five and six am, then hardly able to keep his eyes open for lunch. I've slowly been inching lunch prep earlier, until today I was getting lunch ready at 10:40. ...more

Welcome to the Hood

There's a noise outside that arouses me from my seven hour coma.  I am in that wonderful place between sleep and early morning sobriety (kind of like when you're all hopped up on nitrous oxide at the dentist office and don't want to finish getting that root canal if it forces you to return to the real world).   As I hear the noise again, I glance at the clock.  It's 7:30!  This is the latest my children have ever collectively slept!  My first thought is: Wow!...more