Episode 56: Domestic Goddess? No, But My Husband Is!!!

I’ve often wished that I was more of a practical person.  I am absolutely blown away by some of the talented bloggers around, and quite envious of their abilities. Take Heels and a Toolbox for example (http://www.heelsandatoolbox.com/). She takes on all sorts of DIY tasks, and gives others tips on how to save money by fixing things yourself! What a great idea and if I had a modicum of ability, I would definitely give it a go....more

Episode 55: Raining On My Parade.....

I was feeling a little heavy-headed when I got up yesterday; not really ‘with-it’, and lacking in energy and enthusiasm. Looking outside didn’t help matters either; grey, damp. miserable, just like my mood actually!…...more

Episode 52: Optimistically Pessimistic!

I’m afraid I am one of life’s worriers. If I have something to worry about then so much the better, if not I will just worry because things are going well, and that always means that something bad is about to happen! I have tried to change my ways, even on occasion, being positive, but to no avail. It just doesn’t suit me being a ‘glass half-full’ type of person!...more

Episode 47: Oops I Did It Again!

I am the undisputed queen of ‘putting my foot in it’, literally as well as figuratively! I just seem to  attract calamities and disasters, and can make a fool of myself without any help, or encouragement whatsoever!...more

Episode 44: Left To My Own Devices!

As if I am not clumsy and awkward enough, I also have yet another disadvantage to add to my long list of unfortunate traits…I am left-handed! I don’t think you right-handers realise how much of a nuisance this can prove to be to us at times…....more

Episode 43: Swallowing My Pride.....

As sore throats go, the one that I have got is not only stubborn, but bloody painful! I went to the doctors with it just over a week ago, was packed off with antibiotics, told I was infectious, and that I should try to rest ….....more

Episode 40: Christmas Crackers!!!

As we are well into November, everything is getting geared up for Christmas. The shops are starting to get decked out, and the festive goodies are already on display in some Supermarkets (even though most of the Christmas food will be out of date way before then)!!As I may have said before, I come from rather a large family, most of whom have had the same upbringing, but it is funny how we all have our own ideas and traditions at Christmas time….....more

Episode 39: Nobody's Perfect...

We all have our little faults, (some more than others) and I know I certainly have mine! I just got to thinking about the little pet hates that I have…silly little things that really drive me mad….....more

Episode 38: Saturday Sport...

Mr Grump is in his element today, as the Rugby is on.  Apparently it is the Autumn Internationals (?), and as Wales (he grew up in Cardiff) and Australia are playing, it promises to be a riveting game. I am not that bothered myself, especially as England have failed to qualify,  but will enjoy rooting for Australia to wind him up!...more
Ha Ha! I love that saying, it is spot on!!! Two of my brothers play as well, as a spectator ...more

Episode 37: I Hope Chivalry Never Dies!!!

I thought that I would have a bit of a rant in today’s blog. If there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s bad manners. In one of the blogs I follow @Storytime with John, he mentions how his brother held open the door for two ladies at the University he attended, and rather than just go through it, they became offended, refused to go through the door, leaving this poor man standing there holding the door open for nobody, THEN berated him for his act of chivalry declaring  that they are quite capable of opening a door themselves!!!!...more
Breathing Life Oh yes, that is soooo rude, and it makes me cross as well. It is like we, as ...more