Thyroid, Meet Buddha

A little more than four years ago, I gradually became very ill. The illness just sort of snuck up on me, beginning as insomnia leading to anxiety and exhaustion, building up to hives and culminating in a wildly palpitating heart. I was terrified and almost certain that I was developing heart disease. ...more

30 days of gratitude

I Dug Myself a Hole Alright + Buckwheat with Collards, Mushrooms, Drizzled with Lemon Tahini Dressing

  Last Tuesday I had a really bad day. Correction. I had a really bad four hours that led to clarity, direction and peace. ...more

10 tips for relaxing

Gratitude and Monday

Ah yes, Monday morning, most dread it as if it is the bane of our existence. Today I do not see it that way, I see it as another opportunity to go for another walk in the Fall weather, to attend my self esteem group therapy today, to play with my animals and I always make time to check on my garden as there is still a bounty that needs tending to.Lately, things have started to quietly change, even with the amount of frustration and stress I have been under....more