I present the litter box chronicles....

Between the hurricane and the renovations, I learned that litter boxes are not just for poop!  Good thing that Alex was a little spoiled in the bathroom department and had seven litter boxes…. Because I put them all to good use.  I am sure Alex is happy that we held on to his boxes so that when we decide it is time to open our hearts and home to a new friend they would be set!   But I don’t think he planned on me using them the way I have… In fact, I think that if if he saw what I have been doing with them he’d turn over in his grave!...more
@HomeRearedChef so there!  Honestly, if you told me 6 months ago I would use these boxes for ...more

It's all fun and games, until....

“What are you doing?” My husband Marc asked me, as I sat on the den floor surrounded by paper towels and my trusty bottle of cleanser, two weeks after the hurricane. “Cleaning the backgammon set,” I answered as I rolled my eyes, “what does it look like I am doing?” “I guess my question is why?” he retorted. “I don’t want to have to throw this out too.  Besides, this is a good set.  The pieces are wood.  Maybe if I clean it they won’t mold up,” I answered as I continued scrub. ...more
@Darcie now that proves you are a good friend (although when I did used to play I always picked ...more