If I were hit by a bus

If I were hit by a bus ...more

Sassy Monkey, you are my first comment on BlogHer.  Thanks for the comments and the ...more

Valentine's Day Advice: Aim Those Flowers Accurately!

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Coconut Bowl

PREFACE: My apologies to any and all football fans out there. This is my problem, not yours....more

Goldilocks and the Free Beers

On the occasional evening, when Ben and I don’t feel as if we’ve been overcome with carbon monoxide gases, we’ll throw blankets and pillows on our bedroom floor and watch PG movies with Lexi and Whitney. When we’re about half way through the movie we take an intermission and make popcorn because if we don’t have popcorn, well then, it JUST ISN'T A MOVIE NIGHT. Doesn’t count. Whitney won’t let us hear the end of it until our grievous infraction has been rectified with a redo movie night. And you know what? By God there’s popcorn on redo movie night!...more

Here’s Even More Ridiculous For The Heaping Plate Of Ridiculousness

When Bossy's daughter was young enough to play with dolls -- which was yesterday and maybe tomorrow and the next day even though Bossy's daughter relocated her dolls to purgatory the basement but Bossy still holds out hope -- Bossy's daughter preferred baby dolls that look and feel like real babies. Bossy's daughter never took part in the phenomenon that is the American Girl doll thing, which doesn't prevent the company from sending Camp Bossy an American Girl catalogue every fifteen minutes....more

Sooooooo glad, My girl's missed out on the AG thing! I think they're quite creepy, and with ...more

NOT my Family

Lily B. http://bilslandfamily.blogspot.com/...more

I smell like what??

While snuggling with my sweety recently she nuzzled my neck and inhaled deeply. I really liked where this was going!! She nuzzled further in and inhaled even more deeply. "Yay", I thought, "this is going well!" One more deep inhalation of breath and she started to murmer to me, "Oh baby, you smell so good."   ...more

Wait.....seriously? I'm A Mom??

Well world....I'm finally a mom. Truly a scary thought. I never thought this would happen to me. I mean I have dreamed about becoming a mom since I was 5, literally. If you were to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was always: A MOM. See?...more

When sentences change from ''I was really drunk and...'' to ''Milo and I...''

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Today is Feb. 5th 2010. This day I feel really joyfeel. I have a feeling something good is going to comealong very soon. Something positive. I have been feeling sorry for my self lately and I am sick of it. I am sick of being sick. Yesterday I slept till 1 in the afternoon. I have 2 theroies on that; 1. I substitute teach kinders for 3 days and on the last day I was alone with 28 lil nuggets. The aid was at home sick. I felt like I was in a really bad car crash and could not get out of bed. 2nd reason, I felt sad. I did not want to get up. I was feeling sorry for myself....more