My four year old son wants to know why he doesn't have "BLOGHIM" where he can blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more

Your son won't have any problems finding opportunities to blog, once he is of age to blog, ...more

SAHM Project - Entry Two

It is day two of the SAHM Project, and today is fine example of why I am so desperate to leave this place! Cut-throat. Pirates. Betrayers. Back stabbers. All of these things perfectly describe my co-workers and the organization I work in. ...more

#BlogHer5 The "L" Word(s)

I attended my first ever BlogHer conference two years ago, and I was honored to speak on a panel there. I can only hope that someone who may have needed to hear what I had to say managed to find some comfort, some benefit. It was one of the best weekends of my life, on so many levels. Also? First time ever in San Francisco! ...more

Aw, thanks Denise! ♥ They make me happy. ...more

Experiments in baby assault courses


Meanest Mommy of The Year Award

Yes, it is time again for the annual MOP (Mother's of Preschoolers) awards. I am pretty excited because this year I have been nominated in several categories. My nominations include: Worst Four-Year-Old Birthday (Producer), with eight stitches and an ambulance ride my performance was a stand-out, Cinematographer and Director of a short film (for my work on the home video: Hanukkah Dance Party), Most Disorganized Mom, and finally the very prestigious award-Meanest Mommy of 2009....more

Things You Wish You Didn't Know

Don't you hate it when you know certain things and you wish you didn't know them? Like I wish a certain person hadn't told me their self-righteous, angel-faced spouse had two affairs. I hate that kind of information. Because what do you do with that information? It's like you kinda want to tell others but you know you shouldn't because then they have the information stuck in their head and they wish they didn't. ...more

Beware of the STAGEMOM

Last night I was at Fitzgerald’s, a live music venue near downtown Houston, to watch Devin’s band compete in a battle of the bands. It was an entertaining and exciting night in many ways.  I am proud to report Devin’s band, Legion, kicked butt and ended up winning with an opportunity to compete in the finals in a few weeks. Yeah!But some of the best entertainment during the evening did not come from the stage, but from the audience. Most notably the dreaded… STAGEMOM....more

Six Years

On Tuesday night, I fulfilled one of the resolutions I made for 2010. I went to the dentist. Now, in school, I was always striving for A's. Yes. I was one of those kids. An "A-" made me nauseous. ...more

Puppy Panty Raid *sigh*

For reasons that are too distressing for me to ponder, our puppy Picasso raided the dirty laundry basket and purloined another pair of my favorite panties.  He managed to completely digest the essential zone from a particularly nice pair....more