Welcome to the Village of the Damned

We are a hearty bunch. We can take the heat, we can take the humidity, we can take the fried food. We can take threats of hurricanes, tornadoes and all sorts of natural disaster. But we can't take the cold. And by golly, we can't take the cabin fever....more

Double Chins and Gray Hair

Double Chins and Gray Hairs ...more

(1-1) Snack food in xiamen-----Oyster omelete

(1-1) Snack food in xiamen-----Oyster omelete     ...more

sir edmund hiliary has nothing to worry about

i made a vow after climbing kili (that's mt. kilimanjaro!!) to never do this again without thread count at the end of the day.  have kept the thread count commitment but i gotta say, am seriously vowing to NEVER again attempt such INSANE feats!!!!!...more

Holy wooden anniversary

As of last Saturday, Michael and I turned the humongous clock hands to FIVE YEARS OF TOGETHERNESS. Apparently, the traditional gift for a five-year anniversary is “wood”; I was gonna give him a wooden ship in a bottle to symbolize our relationship’s stultifying entrapment and corking of his freedom, but then I figured he’d just respond with, “Baby, I already gave you wood today,” so fuck it. On the up side, I can’t imagine anyone else I’d actually be having this conversation with five years later:...more

Resolutions. . . What a Waste

The myth of the New Year's Resolution goes something like this:1. Person evaluates their own flaws.2. Person vows to change said flaws.3. Person ends up not doing crap about said flaws and then feels bad for a moment and in my case ends up eating lots of chocolate to comfort said self....more

Cupcakes Are Not a Commitment

I find it timely to discuss cupcakes as a metaphor for life especially in light of today’s focus on resolutions and planning for 2010. Anyone looking to truly understand me should know that for me, this is a metaphor for life. I believe it’s important to commit to some things – family, health and Glee on Wednesday nights. But, like so many things in life, I’m also committed to dabbling – I’m a dabbler.There’s far too much pressure these days to be an expert. Let me begin with the fact that I enjoy cooking and admittedly I’m pretty darn good at it....more

New Years Eve!

      Well, it is New Years Eve, I am still in the process of trying to figure out this blog.  I started two other blogs as well. I really want to get these up and really going.  What is going on in your New Years Day?  Mine is just a whatever day, the husband is watching OU play football and is all upset because they don't look to good.  We have been pretty upset with them all season, but next year will be all new and the season will be great....more

Happy New Year or Whatever.

It's 2010. (in Australia. We still have a few more hours of CrapFest '09 here in the You Ess Of Ayyyyyyyy) Hip hip hooray. My New Year SUGGESTIONS: 1. I am going to be way less tolerant of bullshit. 2. Yeah, that's it. That's all I've got. UPDATE: I am adding two suggestions that I have stolen from Finn and Domestic Spaz: ...more

Goodbye 2009

When I was a teenager, I used to keep a diary. Every New Year's I would write "Goodbye, 19XX, hello 19XX..." I don't know why that has stayed with me or seems somehow significant right now.   ...more