My Daughter's Roof is Leaking

Just texted my 26-year-old daughter to see if she wanted to walk to a bookstore and have lunch. She's a teacher and she's off this week so we have the opportunity to spend some time together. "Dad's here," she texted back, "Wouldn't it be rude to leave him by himself?" I knew he was at her house, he was tiling her bathroom floor. She wasn't helping, exactly, but I guess she thought that keeping him company was help enough. A few minutes later, she texted that she would join me later today. Then, the emergency text, "Can't go. Roof is leaking." So, I'm imagining the frenzy at her house....more

Reminiscing on a Corporate Christmas Faux Pas

Amid a deadline at work, I have the need to write about something other than work-related news items. If you'd asked me a few years ago that I'd be writing for a living, I'd have smiled and hoped you were right. I've changed the course of my career and am happy--for now. My first job out of college was for a Fortune 100 company, financial. A maze of cubicles and florescent lighting, I likened my daily routine to that of the movie, Office Space....more

The Things I Do For the Environment

I spend a lot of time talking about how weird my family is. Today, I'd like to mix it up and talk about how weird my in-laws are. Specifically, I'd like to focus on my sister-in-law, Meg....more

Memories of Christmas With MawMaw, Or: Miss Nellie Drops Her Drawers

by Billie BrownMy great grandmother, Nellie Wall Holsey, may well have been the world’s first re-gifter. Way back in the early 1950s, she was infamous within the family and the little community she lived in – Hardwick, Ga., an outpost of Milledgeville – for squirreling away presents and bringing them back out, rewrapped, for another occasion....more

Jingle Hell

Later this week, Michael and I will have our five-year anniversary, and a week after that, Eliot will turn four. (Yeah, go ahead and do the fucking math, Smugley. We were in love, that socially acceptable form of insanity.) So what that means is that after several years of catastrophic missteps, this year we have officially BENT CHRISTMAS OVER AND DECLARED IT OUR BITCH....more

A 15-year old Father!?!


Twas the Night Before Last - a parenting poem

Twas the night before last, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse My pillows were fluffed with precision & care In hopes that sweet dreams soon would be there.   The baby was nestled all snug in her bed While visions of milk bottles danced in her head And Coach in his jammies & and I in my gown Had just settled our brains, had just finally laid down. ...more

Working from Home with Kids. Finding the balance

I work from home. It's one of those double edge swords. You get to stay home and raise the kids yet you don't leave the house because you are working and maybe the TV works as a distraction way to much of the time. Yet, I feel that I can't complain because I am supporting my family while my husband is in dental school. But on the other hand I do want to complain because I am not sure how great of a mom I am being, yes I am here and yes there aren't spending their entire day in daycare BUT I am doing a lot of work during the day....more