Adventures in Parenting 1.0

Life with an almost 3 year old.   ...more

Ways to Entertain Kids Indoors with Cardboard Tubes

Are your kids getting as stir crazy as mine are lately?The weather, people being sick, trying to stay away from people who are sick…  It’s been keeping us home a bit more than usual, and let’s just say some days the house is NOT big enough for me and the two kids.Some times you just need something new and different to break up the monotony....more
We made light sabers!more

Ridiculous Resolution and the One I'm Most Likely to Keep

I despise resolutions.If I knew I needed to change something  about myself, and luckily I don't as every year I get more perfect(ly imperfect) I know I would realize my flaw on or around January 20th.Knowing myself, I would "shelf" my personal "remodel" until January 1, of the next year because that is when we are supposed to.I am very self aware and am positive I would forget my planned resolution and then not ever improve my person.That doesn't mean I don't learn a lesson here or there....more