Fashion Friday: Fur Fun

Might not be winter on the calendar but the temperatures sure say, "Baby it's cold out."  Faux fur is THE trend for staying warm.  Any kind of fur will do:  long, short, black, brown, white.  If it's fur, you are hot in more ways than one. Fear of fur?  A scarf or built in fur collar are the easiest way to wear the cozy trend. ...more

Fur: Two Ways.

It’s getting a bit brisk outside, no? Gone are the days when I can walk out of my house in the morning without thinking about outerwear, and I’ve started reaching for thicker layers to build outfits around.Today I’ve teamed up with my pal Nikki from The Fashionable Wife to bring you two ways to wear a big trend this fall and winter: fur. Nikki’s rocking a fur-trimmed scarf, while I show you how to wear a fur vest....more

Stripes + Fur


Your Guide to Faux Fur: The Look of The Season

Faux fur, and especially faux fur vests, are THE hottest look of the season and available everywhere. These funky accessories can be dressed up with a sheer blouse and kicky skirt with heels or worn casually with jeans and boots - but however you wear it, now's the time to get one or gift one.Herewith, the faux fur vest, to get, to give, from low to high!...more
The hat and bolero are cute. :) The only fake fur I'll be wearing this winter is on the cuff of ...more

Cat and Dog Fur Apparel Must be Labeled

About 10 years ago, we discovered that some ski boots were lined with dog fur and sold by a chain of sporting good stores. Although legal across the United States, selling those boots in California violated a section of the Penal Code which makes it a misdemeanor to sell, buy, possess, give away or import a dog or cat pelt. Additionally, there was no label disclosing the type of fur used in the boot.  We successfully prosecuted the stores....more

An Almost-Full-Time Vegetarian Tries on Fur

Last weekend, this almost-full-time vegetarian found her spontaneous self in Aspen, trying on fur coats - a local wardrobe staple. I did it specifically to report here how terrible it was and gross it felt. Except that it didn't - it felt criminally soft and ultra glamourous. Sick, I know. ...more

I don't wear fur; won't wear fur.


I like Eva ...more