Home Office Tour: Before & After

We just finished the final details of the office. Yay! I am so excited with the outcome. You’ve probably seen by now the gorgeous coral desk the hubby painted for me. Love it!The office began like this:...more

Curbside Finds: Bookshelf Makeover

I have a confession: I am a curbside looky-loo.It's a breed of person that slows down their vehicle, possibly holding up traffic, just to see if there's something good on that curb full of unwanted items.  I do this to find a great project for the most part, but often it's because I know that sometimes trash is just treasure waiting for a coat of paint.  I consider it my duty to the Earth to roadside rescue and save those items from the landfill.  Recently, I found a great curbside rescue and wanted to polish it up and take it a step further....more

Tutorial Tuesday: $2 Spunky Step Stool

After finishing up our closet makeover a few weeks ago, we realized we needed a small step stool to reach our highest row of storage boxes. We wanted something that wouldn't take up much room, would be functional, and, of course, inexpensive, so we wandered to our local flea market to see what we could find. After making too many laps to count, and throwing out a few options, we spotted this little treasure buried in a corner under a table. ...more
How cute!more