My Blog Commentary on the movie "Divergent" is Up!

T&T Synopsis:  Like most stories set in the not too distant future, the aftermath of a terrible war precipitated the need to form a new society (and who knows with the whole Putin/Crimea annexed thing, this future may not be too far off). This new society living behind a wall, which we know not what lay on the other side, decided it best to divide people up into 5 categories or Factions: ...more

An interview with author Victoria Sullivan about her novel Adoption

Polyploid: pol·y·ploid (p l-ploid) adj. Having one or more extra sets of chromosomes.   Adoption is about a race of polyploids: beautiful, gigantic humans who spring to life like lustrous plants, and mature with strength and intelligence enough to threaten ordinary humans in every sphere of society.   It asks: To what lengths would the church, the government, and ordinary individuals go to protect themselves and their own children against such rivals-to-power over the earth and future generations?   Plot summary:...more