Stop Misusing Social Media by Following These Easy Steps

Do you ever feel like you're spinning your wheels on social media? You publish a post and then think that it's time to get to work sharing it all over Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google +? We hope that the traffic comes in and our numbers go up and our audience is engaged.  But we also feel tired and more often than not as if we're talking to a wall. It's time to rethink social media. ...more
Thanks for this post Julie! I think I read it back in March when I first started blogging, but ...more

A Google+ Road Bump: Real Names

I'm sure you remember the giddy early response to Google+. Why wouldn't you remember, it was only 2 weeks ago. There was a lot of joy over Circles!, Hangouts!, and Privacy! There were dozens of tips for how to do this and how to do that with Google+. ...more
@Virginia DeBolt I placed it as real name when I made my google profile, a looong time ago. ...more

Google+: Handy Tips for Newbies

Jumping on the Google+ Bandwagon There's a lot of people out there trying Google+ in the last week or two; I'm one of them, because I really want to see how G+ differs from and will possibly supersede Facebook (at least that's the buzz humming around it.) There's  lot of people migrating to it, and many people are hoping that it will start gaining popularity and phase out Facebook.Google reports that over 10 million people have signed up for Google + so far.So far, I like G+ better than Facebook. ...more