How To Stimulate Your G-Spot

The female G-spot is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones.  At times, women can have a difficult time finding the G-spot.  Once you find it, you may experience one of the most intense orgasms.  Here is an instructional presentation that provides an overview of where the G-spot is located and ways that you can stimulate it. ...more

The G-Spot - How To Find It


Female Ejaculation: Fact or Fiction?

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Do Vaginal Orgasms Really Exist?

When you think of a sonogram, you probably think of some grainy gray and white image of your baby’s hand waving at you labeled with the caption “Hi Mom!” You probably don’t think about the clitoris. But a couple of French doctors do (leave it to the French)....more
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Sex Is Good For Your Health: A 30-Day Sex Challenge

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Ultrasound Spots The G Spot (But Finds For Some It's MIA)

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