Where We Stand On Maternal Health

Where We Stand On Maternal HealthHopefully the media coverage of the handful of  not-so-peaceful protesters at G20 did not over shadow what the purpose of the summit was for. My fear is that for some women it became too much of a circus too follow and not engaging enough to bring the issues home. ...more

Where Do You Find the Healthiest Moms And Babies? Hint: Not the U.S.

Where's the best place in the world, if you measure "best" by the health of mothers? Well, perhaps not surprisingly, it's not the United States. But neither is it Canada or Great Britain or any other of the major players on the global stage. The best place in the world for the health of mothers is -- wait for it -- Norway. ...more

Maternal Health

Tuesday, March 23, 2010...more

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A ...more

When in Rome...

Michelle Obama & kids visited the Pantheon yesterday. It has been twittered, and it's probably TOTALLY UNTRUE, in the friend of a friend of a friend sort of variety of info that our TOTALLY COOL FIRST LADY donning black leggings - leggings!- under a black dress asked for a doggy bag at the restaurant. ...more