The End: My Words in the Tucson Courthouse

Gabrielle Giffords' husband, Commander Kelly, and I ended our statements with the same thought: we are finished with you. It's pretty cool to be on an astronaut's wavelength. That's about the only smile I can find right now. Justice ran its course. The state will not be prosecuting. The shooter will never be free. It's not enough. It's all there is....more
*hugs* I can't even begin to grasp. So powerful your words.more

Shot at Tucson: Ashleigh Burroughs on Hospitals, Gabby Giffords & Recovery

Gabby is home with Mark, in his house in Texas, snug as a bug in a rug, I hope. She's surrounded by people who love her and people who will tend to her and her rehab will continue. And continue. And continue. My hip will heal faster than her brain and I am far from finished. Rehab exposed me to a different kind of pain. It's not broken bone pain or nerve damage pain, at least not just those kinds of aches. It's all that and more, because it shouldn't have happened to us and it did and it's wrong and I want it to just go away right now. There's an emotional overlay that a regular hip replacement wouldn't have. I keep telling the world that it is askew ... it's not listening....more

I love that after reading your post, I am not sad. I am not depressed. I am thankful for every ...more

Decoding the Signs, Averting the Violence

The issue of mental health is again in the headlines with the tragic, and senseless shooting of Gabby Giffords and others in Tucson, AZ. This latest news is all too familiar.  Someone goes on a shooting rampage and the media, mental health experts and law enforcement struggle to find lessons in the aftermath. While some commentators believe that right wing rhetoric incited the young man responsible, it is now becoming clear that he suffered from some type of mental disturbance....more