When Your Idol Disappoints

What is beauty?If we spent our whole lives searching for what’s beautiful, we’d still die without seeing perfection. That’s because in many ways, beauty is in the imperfect. It’s in the many thousands of ways we perceive our surroundings, and it’s ever-changing.Today I might find a certain kind of flower beautiful, while tomorrow it might be another kind altogether.My daughter was beautiful as a baby and now, as a young woman, I still believe she is beautiful even though she has changed so much over 19 years....more

Gabourey Sidibe in Elle: “Light bright and damn near White”

Elle magazine’s 25th anniversary cover features non other than Gabourey Sidibe of Precious fame now starring in The Big C with Laura Linney. But take a good look at that cover picture. Does that look like Gabourey?...more

When Howard Dissed Gabby...

...he wasn't all wrong.  This fat chick wants to tell you why. It would be a beautiful thing if we lived in a world where appearance didn't matter. Where we were all hired, chosen, and esteemed based on merit and character alone. It's certainly something to strive for - but we ain't there yet. Just a note: I'm going to be using the terms "conventional" and "traditional" beauty repeatedly. This is shorthand for the typically thin, athletic, silky-haired, youthful definition of attractiveness to which most modern western cultures ascribe....more

Are You Beautiful?

Do you ever wonder if any women are happy with the way they look? Is it even possible? The cosmetics industry and traditional fashion media would have us think that the answer is no; after all, they make their money playing on our fears about our appearance -- and offering us salvation in the form of eye cream and skinny jeans....more
Thank you for this fantastic article! I would like to re-post parts of it, and parts that you ...more

Vanity Fair Magazine thinks Hollywood’s future is ALL-WHITE

The new IT-GIRLs? White Girls If you’re part of the white privilege world, you might not notice something strange about this photo, the cover of Vanity Fair extolling HOLLYWOOD! 2010....more

Poetry Friday: The Shine of Sapphire

Before all the buzz dies down around the already-laureled film Precious, we thought we'd stay in the glow of ...more

Why Everyone Should Know Gabourey "Gabby" Sidibe

Last night, I took a break from my homework and read New York Magazine. When I hit page 77, I was surprised to see a stunning black and white photo of a large black women gracing the page. I thought Mo'Nique was looking good. Then I realized that it wasn't Mo'Nique, but Gabourey "Gabby" Sidibe, Mo'Nique's co-star in the movie Precious. ...more

I agree, when she is ready the pounds will come off.  This is not only true for her, but ...more