2012 London Olympics Race-Fail Roundup

One of the downsides of the immediacy of news in our fast-paced, technology-driven world is access to too much information and too many opinions from too many people. While watching the 2012 London Olympics, people comment on anything and everything -- including some things that reveal the real state of race relations in the world....more

The Gabrielle Impact: Why The Black Woman Is No Longer An Alien In America

The out pour of support and defense surrounding Gabrielle Douglas's hair on the web is wonderfully refreshing, since her monumental success there have been more attempts at ostracism, but its failure comes as no surprise. In the words of Evelyn Lozada, It’s a “non-factor”. Black women have come very far from the days of disregard, backbiting and self-hatred. We've made an astonishing transformation in the areas of renewal and self-actualization in the past decade....more
 @Shellireads  Don't be sorry:) Evelyn is not a role model for positivity, from what I've seen. ...more