How We Have Yet to Change

It may be 2010, but in one very big way we're still locked in the past. It took Gail Collin's book, When Everything Changed, to make me see how we have yet to change....more

More Holiday Book Ideas: WVFC Writers And More

Last week, we offered holiday shopping suggestions for poetry lovers, with all our Poetry Friday authors. But we didn't want to leave out other books and writers we've featured in 2009! ...more

Gail Collins: "We did some pretty amazing things!"

by Chris LombardiThe Constitution Center in Philadelphia, perhaps best known in recent years as the site of President Obama's iconic speech on race, was packed this past Monday night....more

Women of the Op-Ed Page

Although the title of this post sounds like the sort of theme that Playboy occasionally runs (except that Playboy calls their models "girls," which grosses me out because we shouldn't see pictures of naked female children, but I digress), the women of mainstream media's op-ed pages really helped me get through the last year of the election. To be fair, just as we legitimately complain that women are grossly underrepresented in elected office, it is equally true that we are woefully represented on the op-ed pages. ...more

We attended a workshop on op-eds with Catherine Orenstein at the Women Action & Media ...more