RITZ Everything Bites with Lox and Schmear

A few years ago the Army decided that my family needed to live in New Jersey. Living in New Jersey afforded my family the awesome opportunity of going to New York City on a regular basis.  New York City was just a train ride away. We loved visiting the city and exploring it!...more

Game Day: It's All About the Food

We all know the feeling of anticipation surrounding game day, hopeful that our team will win!  There is also nothing like sharing that feeling of anticipation with others, putting out your best high fives, slaps on the back, punches in the air, and jumps on the couch.  I believe there are three essentials to pulling off a successful game day gathering: good drinks, an abundance of food, and comfortable seating.  While other hosting elements such as décor and lighting may take a back seat during a game day party, food and drinks take center stage.  Here are some of my aw...more
@MissHostess  Alas, I did not. My partner can't eat spinach so we went with our original ...more

Homemade Soft Pretzels

I find it difficult to resist a big ol’ soft pretzel, especially on game day. I mean, who doesn’t love a giant, salty pretzel while cheering on your team? We just hosted a game-watching party at our house, and these were a hit.Ingredients:...more
They look so good!more

Game Day Grub

The Superbowl will be here soon, and although we're not into sports {shamefully, we don't even know who is playing}, we're totally into good food and friends. To celebrate, we've pulled together our favorite Wicked Good appetizers and game-day recipes; it's gonna be a tasty day!p.s....more

A Game Day Mess? Maybe This will help

Super Bowl is just two weeks ago a.k.a my husband is going to drive me crazy! I’m going to have to play the role of cook, shopper, and baby sitter. Plus, I know I will give in and eat all the fatty foods....more