Game Night Games in Salt Lake City

I arrived, dressed in a sci-fi cartoon graphic tee and immediately knew my street cred had fizzled. Wearing a sci-fi tee and being engrossed in gaming culture are two very different things and I’ve only managed to be proficient at the former. The board game concept is nothing new of course, but there has been a hardy resurgence in recent years. Not only is getting together with other people to play games okay, it’s cool. And to play board games of the sci-fi/fantasy ilk? Ice cold and possibly with some manner of hazing ritual....more

Macho Nachos

Barbarian hordes visiting? Huns coming over for board games? Or, are you just spending a quiet afternoon at home with the fam? This recipe will keep you ahead of the pack. Maybe. ...more
@Laine Griffin Hi there, Laine! :) Good! Laughing nachos. Sounds fine to me. What else can we do ...more

That Relationship Thing

That Relationship Thing by Dawn Our schools are starting today and I’m in list making mode.  ...more

Wow, you're really maximizing lists.  Lists do help keep me on track and organized.  It's ...more