Free Science Online Activities for Kids

I want to introduce you to our website - Our site offers fun facts about science and the world around us that is easy for kids to comprehend and fun for them to learn. It will give educators and parents free worksheets for kids, to help children with listening comprehension, reading comprehension etc. I hope our site will help kids grow to know and love our planet and its creatures....more

GoldieBlox is Making Toys to Turn Girls Into Engineers

I think this is what it must have felt like to watch the first moon landing or the first television broadcast...I just found out about GoldieBlox, a company whose slogan is "Disrupting the pink aisle." What I am about to write makes it sound like I am part of the GoldieBlox marketing team: I have no connections to GoldieBlox whatsoever, I am just a woman blown away by the idea that there is a commercial I would be excited to show my daughters. ...more I don't think this toy is for everyone.  Certainly it wouldn't have been for ...more

Friday Find ~ I Find I Miss The Days of No Worries

This is not the chipper TGIF kind of Friday post. I am sorry to put a damper on your excitement for the weekend, but today I am finding I miss those 'good old days' where we didn't have worries other than lava on the floor....more

Unlearning The Kindergarten Lessons Of Life

Like almost every other woman I know, many of the lessons I've had to unlearn in life I first learned in kindergarten.For example, I've had to break the habit of having cookies and a nap at 3 in the afternoon.That's because as an adult I developed this fetish about wanting to hold a steady job and not take up so much physical space I need to be hauled around by a winch.Lying down every day after a heavy sugar and carb intake can undermine a girl's ambitions as well as her ability to enter a room without turning sideways and breathing in....more

Merchants and Marauders

I love board games. If you spend time with me, either in real life or online, it won't be too long until I bring up a game. Recently, I gifted my boyfriend the game Merchants and Marauders by Z-Man Games. I will refer to this game as M&M from here on out. M&M is an enthralling board game with a pirate theme. Players earn Glory Points while making a name for themselves as they go down history as the most notorious pirate!...more

Trim A Bush

Trim A Bush

Why It Is Important to Play Games

When we are at our camp in the Adirondacks, we don't have a TV, video games, or even a stereo to entertain us. I find we do talk more as a family, and we sit quietly on the deck and listen to the best music ever produced: the sounds of nature. Most evenings, though, we find ourselves turning to our extensive collection of board games. Yes, playing games is fun -- but they also are good for all of us. For us old folks, games keep our minds sharp. They challenge our memory and our ability to concentrate and strategize. ...more
Pardon the typo. No one is ever* too old for games.   -secretstaff.commore