Top 3 Games That You can Play on Xiaomi M5

Th Xiaomi Mi 5 may be launched some time ago, and I don’t think you've got paid $264 or perhaps a bit lower to generate calls or text only. Most of you wish to do everything along with your handsets, and gaming isn't any exception. So we chosen to find out the highest 10 games that you should great when playing your big-screen Xiaomi Mi 5.Pokemon Go...more

Top 8 Best Unblocked Games For 2017

Some games are better than the others, or at least they look like that. Here, we will be talking about those games that are simply outstanding in any possible way. They are perfect to try and they are perfect to play for a long period of time. ...more

3 Puzzles and Brain Teasers that Make your Brain Smarter

Performing mundane tasks on a daily basis makes our brain lose its creative edge. To make it think smartly and act on the spot we need to keep making it work. Like some people solve the crossword, you can try out puzzles and brain teasers. It can help you make yourself sharper and more confident in tasks that require more focus. Puzzles and brain teasers require logical and analytical thinking, thus the ability of your brain to work and find solutions is enhanced. Solving cool puzzles online also is an excellent way to utilize your time....more

English as a Second Language: What's in a Game?

One thing we've learned as foreign exchange parents is that homesickness pops up at random moments. Social isolation, no can do. Enter family game night....more

Palabras Con Amigos

I’ve been playing Words With Friends on my phone for a couple of years now.  I usually have about a dozen games in progress at any given time.  Yes, I sneak in turns at work.  Yes, I check my games when I wake up in the middle of the night.  Yes, I play in the car on the way to work in the morning.Alright, so I’m addicted.  Don’t judge.Anyone know of a good 12-step group in northern California?...more

Summer Party Ideas for when it's Too Hot

While back to school typically means the end of summer, the recent weather in most parts of the country begs to differ.  Here in Connecticut, we have been breaking the 85-degree mark for a few weeks straight with no end in sight.My friends and I love hanging out outside, but when the thermometer is reaching 85 and higher it’s hard to stay comfortable and have a good time.  Staying inside’s not an option, you’ll miss out on what summer is all about: fun, friends, and a killer tan....more

Free Science Online Activities for Kids

I want to introduce you to our website - Our site offers fun facts about science and the world around us that is easy for kids to comprehend and fun for them to learn. It will give educators and parents free worksheets for kids, to help children with listening comprehension, reading comprehension etc. I hope our site will help kids grow to know and love our planet and its creatures....more

GoldieBlox is Making Toys to Turn Girls Into Engineers

I think this is what it must have felt like to watch the first moon landing or the first television broadcast...I just found out about GoldieBlox, a company whose slogan is "Disrupting the pink aisle." What I am about to write makes it sound like I am part of the GoldieBlox marketing team: I have no connections to GoldieBlox whatsoever, I am just a woman blown away by the idea that there is a commercial I would be excited to show my daughters. ...more I don't think this toy is for everyone.  Certainly it wouldn't have been for ...more

Friday Find ~ I Find I Miss The Days of No Worries

This is not the chipper TGIF kind of Friday post. I am sorry to put a damper on your excitement for the weekend, but today I am finding I miss those 'good old days' where we didn't have worries other than lava on the floor....more

Unlearning The Kindergarten Lessons Of Life

Like almost every other woman I know, many of the lessons I've had to unlearn in life I first learned in kindergarten.For example, I've had to break the habit of having cookies and a nap at 3 in the afternoon.That's because as an adult I developed this fetish about wanting to hold a steady job and not take up so much physical space I need to be hauled around by a winch.Lying down every day after a heavy sugar and carb intake can undermine a girl's ambitions as well as her ability to enter a room without turning sideways and breathing in....more