One in four men admit to rape in parts of Asia: UN survey

In an unprecedented UN study of 10,000 men in six countries, half of respondents report using violence and a quarter to perpetrating rape, while one in 25 said they had gang-raped a woman or girl. ...more

Rape Survivor Further Victimized by Facebook

If this story hasn't hit you yet, it is time it did. However, not in the way it has for many teens and others right now who are passing along the pictures of this brutal and very public rape on Facebook. Over one week ago, a young girl's life and the life of her family were irrevocably changed as she endured rape by an 18-year-old boy and allegedly others. Meanwhile, one 16-year-old male filmed and then posted the images, sharing with people in his life and beyond (child pornography charges to be possibly laid in his case). ...more

Dolphins: The Truth About Our Friends From the Sea

Growing up, in film, TV, and books, I learned that dolphins often help out humans in scary situations such as shark attacks. They will bump the shark away from the human. Other times, humans have been towed nearer to shore by a dolphin or two. Flipper. He was fantastic. Right? ...more

This is ridiculous. Your argument is based on emotional appeal and you aren't thinking ...more