Red Stones and Olive Skinnies.

Happy first day of spring! May your skies be clear and your temperatures be in (at least) the mid-60s.I’ve been itching to wear this gorgeous red stone statement necklace since I picked it up at a boutique a few weeks back. Paired with a super comfy printed tee, a pair of olive green skinny khakis (bless you Gap for getting the fit right so the pants don’t bag out halfway through the day!), and leopard print pumps, this was a fairly busy-but-kinda-fun work outfit....more

Manifest Destiny: Gap, What Were You Thinking?

Full disclosure: I like The Gap. Honestly, I do. Since Theo’s birth, I’ve spent a significant portion of my time (and income) in Gap Kids, cooing over pint-sized button-down shirts, cunning little sweater vests and pastel onesies sporting adorably clever graphics. I’ve even written here before about how impressed I was that they were selling pink and purple clothing in the boys’ department....more
@bellejarblog  @fat girl blogger I'm very proud of what you did. I think it's huge.more

Top 10 Brand Truths to Adopt Into Every Day

I was pleased to see The Gap’s viral "It gets better" video. It was a nice switch of focus from the re-branding fiasco, and reminded me that the great consumer brands can teach us a few things about managing and presenting our own personal brand....more