8 reasons why everyone should take a Gap Year

A gap year or a bridge year, not only represents freedom to explore a wide world of possibilities (as well as uncertainty) but also the unique opportunity to take some precious time off after a major milestone or life event, such as graduation or the end of a contract or working position. It helps to truly focus on something that fuels our passions, prepares us for the life ahead or simply gain some invaluable (and much-needed) experience. In return, it teaches many skills in a completely different environment (which will be very useful later on)....more

Holding Down the Tamper on My Breaking Mommy Heart

I woke up early today. Tiptoed downstairs. Rattled scoops of dry food into pet bowls. Slurped yogurt and crunched toast. After that I headed for the calendar, knowing I shouldn't. I couldn't help it though. The days and weeks seem to possess some crazy gravitational power. In my defense, I did white-knuckle-grip the kitchen table but in the end, the calendar won. I counted the squares -- 27. Collapsed onto a kitchen chair. Pressed a cloth handkerchief to my nose. Lately I've made sure there's one in every room. In 27 days you, my oldest daughter, will make like John Denver and leave on a jet plane....more
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Here it is again  Your going Ginormous spans of time and distance  Echo in the gap between us How is it I am not mad with grief and fear? It’s because I was shot The last time you left on a jet plane I was shot to the heart   The meds Your arrival, your joy, your return They still run through me Like the waterfall you stood under Eternal it seemed Did you hear it? Over the age old rush Of hydrogen, oxygen, and gravity? “This is my dau...more


Dana stood at the kitchen sink and looked out the window at the sunlight brightening some leaves.  At the shadows darkening others.  A yellow leaf fluttered to the ground.              Fall.  I love it, and I hate it.              As she waited for the coffee to brew, she opened the cabinet over the toaster oven and looked up at the white every day dishes.  No.  Not today.  Today I'll use china.  As she...more

Hey Beth:
It's been an emotional roller coaster, for sure! Stay tuned. I've got 3 more posts ...more

Tamper Resistant

I got up early today.  Fed the animals.  Ate breakfast..  I walked over to the calendar, knowing I shouldn't.  I couldn't help it.  I had to.  It's like the days and weeks had some crazy gravitational pull.  I held onto the kitchen table, but in the end, the calendar won.  I counted the days.  Twenty seven.  I collapsed onto a kitchen chair.  Pressed a cloth handkerchief to my nose.  Lately I've made sure there's one in every room.  ...more

Please, tell me one thing. Does this make you cry when you read it? 'Cause it does me. Every ...more